What is Concierge Medicine?

Concierge Medicine is a form of membership in which doctors provide medical care to patients generally providing 24/7 access, a cell phone number to connect directly with their physician, same-day appointments, visits that last as long as it takes to address their needs and varying other amenities. In exchange for this enhanced access and personal attention, the Concierge Doctor receives a fee. These services are many time invaluable to cardiovascular patients as their ability to communicate with their physician in a timely fashion is very important.


Why consider concierge cardiology?

Many times an office visit with a doctor revolves around the doctor and not the patient. With concierge services, the visit revolves around you. Office visit times are extended and concierge patients have priority with appointments and scheduling as well as access to the doctor. These services can be invaluable to a cardiovascular patient. Many times, seeing the doctor in a timely fashion in the office can actually prevent a hospitalization, especially in those patients with chronic cardiovascular symptoms. Furthermore, many times our loved ones are being taken care of by a physician and plans of care are not communicated to family members. With concierge cardiology, this is never an issue.

Finally, patients who are enrolled in a concierge medical practice have higher positive outcomes when compared to those patients who are not in a concierge program. In 2010, concierge practice patients experienced 56% fewer non-elective hospital admissions, 49% fewer avoidable admissions, and 63% fewer non-avoidable admissions than patients of traditional practices. Additionally, members of a concierge practice were readmitted 97%, 95%, and 91% less frequently for acute myocardial infarction, congestive heart failure, and pneumonia, respectively.


Concierge Overview:

  • Personalized services which are not covered under insurance plans
  • Availability for telemedicine visits, when available and appropriate
  • Increased levels of priority and increased access for routine appointments and testing
  • Increased levels of access to our doctors and staff for routine matters via telephone and e-mail
  • Priority completion of administrative paper work with fees waived
  • Test results expedited to the best of our ability
  • Coordination of care as well as diagnostic studies
  • VIP care at local hospital

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