An internist (a physician who trained in Internal Medicine for at least three years after medical school) can typically help patients coordinate care among many sub-specialists and is a good primary physician choice for a person with any medical problem. Dr. Di Pietro is both an internist and cardiologist, so many patients feel as if they are getting the best of both worlds.

Dr. Tiffany Di Pietro dedicated to providing long-term, comprehensive health, preventative care and chronic care management strategies for her patients. Preventative care is of the utmost importance to us. Our concierge internal medicine practice promotes annual physical exams and preventive services to keep you in your best health. If you do become ill or have chronic medical conditions, we provide all primary care services to treat these conditions in adult patients.

Our concierge medicine provides patients with the comfort of knowing that Dr. Di Pietro is just a phone call or text away. All of our concierge patients have Dr. Di Pietro’s personal cell number and can call or text at any time for questions or concerns. Our staff is also available all day via direct email to the office. When traveling, Dr. Di Pietro provides her patients with the same specialized care via a trusted colleague.

Call or email us today to set up a complementary “meet and greet” with Dr. Di Pietro to discuss whether concierge medicine is right for you!

Dr. Di Pietro provides chronic disease care management including:

+ Acute Illness
+ Adult Primary Care
+ Cardiovascular Diseases
+ Chronic Disease Care Management Including:
+ Diabetes Management
+ Cholesterol Management
+ High Blood Pressure
+ Heart Failure Management and Education
+ Gastrointestinal Disorders
+ Neurologic Disorders
+ Obesity
+ Preventative Care
+ Thyroid Disease

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  • Dr. Di Pietro caps her practice at 250 patients. Doing this allows her to have a truly personalized approach to medicine. Dr. Di Pietro knows each of her patients personally and is happy to have 40 min to 1 hour office visits with each of her concierge patients.
  • 24/7 access to Dr. Di Pietro via e-mail and personal cell phone. Little to no wait times.
  • Dr. Di Pietro is also a board-certified cardiologist so each of her concierge internal medicine patients are able to enjoy the benefit of having a cardiologist on their side as well!
  • Wondering if Dr. Di Pietro’s concierge services are for you? Give us a call or email us! We are happy to offer a complementary “meet and greet” with Dr. Di Pietro!



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Patient-focused care, 24/7 in a comfortable environment

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Full-service cardiovascular medicine by an award-winning cardiologist

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Our program to provide you with the tools to life a long, heart-healthy life.

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Sometimes only a woman can understand a woman’s heart.

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