A Comprehensive Guide for the Electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG) Procedure
Are you in Fort Lauderdale and seeking quality cardiovascular healthcare service? Well, you might want to book an appointment with Dr. Tiffany Di Pietro, one of the most distinguished and trusted concierge cardiologists in town. The quadruple board-certified professional specializes in internal medicine, cardiology, echocardiography, and nuclear cardiology. Her concierge cardiology gives patients a say in their care, which is incomparable to the medical care available in the traditional walk-in clinics. Di Pietro Health understands patients’ needs to save time, and resources and also get access to the best care. By utilizing EKGs, Dr. Tiffany Di Pietro is able to perform accurate diagnoses for thousands of patients and mitigate life-threatening conditions.
What are EKGs?
Interestingly, there is no difference between EKGs and ECGs. Both refer to the same procedure but one has a German spelling (elektrokardiogramm-EKG) and the other an English spelling(electrocardiogram-ECG). In America, the most preferred terminology is EKG as ECG is almost similar to another procedure known as EEG. By definition, EKGs are electronic devices capable of recording heart movements in the ventricles and atria during relaxation and contraction. Dr. Di Pietro uses EKGs to assess her patients by placing electrodes on a patient’s arms, chest, and legs to record the electrical impulses transmission from the body to the heart muscles.
Reasons Patients May Need EKG

In most cases, an EKG procedure is recommended by a licensed medical professional for different reasons. This article will break down some of these reasons for you:

  • 1.Screening tool for cardiac abnormalities: The machines help in screening underlying cardiac abnormalities such as irregular heart rhythms, arrhythmias, ventricular tachycardia, and atrial fibrillation.
  • 2.Regular monitoring of heart health: According to the World Heart Foundation, more than half a billion patients around the world suffer from cardiovascular disease and they need regular checkups. For patients with underlying cardiac issues, the best place to monitor your heart health in Fort Lauderdale is Di Pietro Health. They have a variety of EKG machines to meet the individual needs of diverse groups of patients.
  • 3.Assessment for heart attacks: In instances of a heart attack, the facility is also open for anyone to refer their loved ones, colleagues, neighbors, or patients who need urgent medical attention. Dr. Di Pietro Health understands the significance of prompt medical care to save situations of heart attacks.
  • 4.Evaluation before specific surgeries: Furthermore, the procedure is not only limited to patients with cardiovascular conditions. There are a lot of patients whose doctors may recommend preoperative EKG monitoring. They can also talk to Dr. Di Pietro to ensure they are fit for their upcoming surgery.
  • 5.Assessing other underlying medical conditions: Notably, EKGs can also be useful for evaluating a variety of underlying medical conditions. Patients who are referred by their medical practitioner can count on Dr. Di Pietro’s wide experience and knowledge in assessing various medical conditions related to the heart.
  • 6.Monitoring the functioning of cardiac devices and medications: Finally, any patient who uses an implanted pacemaker or cardiac loop recorders needs checkups to see the performance of their devices and the efficacy of medications they are using. Under the able leadership of Dr. Di Pietro, patients will get a comprehensive report about the functioning of their cardiac devices and can find out the efficacy of certain medications they are using to manage their heart conditions.
What Should a Patient Expect During an EKG Procedure?

Out of curiosity, some patients usually want to know what an EKG procedure feels like. If you are one of them, trust me, you are not alone because thousands of patients feel the same way. In this article, we also give you a glimpse of what happens to a patient during the EKG procedure:

    • Generally, you will be asked to remove any objects or jewelry.
    • This procedure requires you to lie flat on the table and remain quiet.
    • In some instances, your hair may be clipped in the legs, arms, or chest to stick the electrodes to the skin.
    • Once electrodes are attached, and lead wires properly positioned, the technician enters your personal information into the computer.
    • The technician then starts the ECG machine, and tracing begins until the machine is stopped, and once disconnected you can come out to wait for the results.
Specialized EKG Care at Di Pietro Health

At Di Pietro Health patients get access to specialized care owing to the team’s expertise, knowledge, and application of advanced EKG machines. The facility offers a comprehensive report regarding your heart health leading to the best medical care. Thus, if you are experiencing any heart-related symptoms you can connect with the cardiologist for a thorough examination. More information regarding the EKG procedure at Di Pietro Health is available on the website. You can follow the simple procedure outlined to book an appointment immediately because your heart health is a priority.

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