Preventive Cardiology


“An Ounce of Prevention is worth a Pound of Cure” – Benjamin Franklin”

Preventive cardiology is a division of cardiovascular medicine that helps patients better manage their risk factors and avoid future cardiovascular disorders.

A preventive cardiology program can provide you with the tools to live a heart-healthy lifestyle. These tools will depend on where your current cardiovascular health stands, such as whether you want to minimize your risks by learning to avoid bad habits, control symptoms that are starting to show, or, if you’ve already experienced a cardiovascular event, prevent another event from occurring. The evaluation and treatment therapies associated with preventive cardiology are intended to prevent heart disease risk factors from progressing into disorders like coronary artery disease, arrhythmias, heart valve disease, vascular disease, and more.

How Does Preventive Cardiology Work?

When being proactive about heart health management, Dr. Sizemore will evaluate your risk factors through a comprehensive cardiovascular disease risk assessment including an EKG, stress test and an advanced cardio-metabolic lab panel and an individualized plan will be created for you with detailed lifestyle recommendations and medication management. This will include nutritional recommendations,  exercise recommendations and any advice in regards to chronic medical problems as well.

Is Preventive Cardiology Right for You?

Whether you have several risk factors that raise your odds of having a heart attack or you’ve already suffered from cardiovascular disease in the past, preventive cardiology can improve your quality of life by lowering or eliminating existing symptoms and preventing future cardiovascular issues. It can help you prevent heart disease, keep the disease from progressing, and reduce heart attack and stroke risk, so it’s a worthwhile consideration if you’re worried about heart disease.

Our preventive cardiology program is not covered by insurance as the extended labs and diagnostic testing is not typically covered. Please note that our fee for this program INCLUDES this advanced lab testing, exercise stress test, EKG and initial 45 minute office visit.




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